Results: interview

   Funny Interview with Artist Desalegn Hailu - Chewata TV


   Artist Teddy Afro talks about his life - Sheger Fm Interview


   Jossy in Z House Show - Interview with the legendary Alemayehu Fenta


   Aster Aweke Interview with Meaza Biru - Sheger Fm


   Artist Abebe balcha, Asnake of Sewlesew Interview on Seifu Fantahun Show


   Arhibu show interview with Artist Samuel Yirga


    Jossy in Z House Show Interview with Athlete Meseret Defar with Jossy


   Artist Seble Tefera - Tirfe of Betoch interview on FM Addis


   Interview with father of Arsenals Gedion Zelalem on Tadias Addis


   Gedion Zelalems interview on his first Champions League Game


   15 year old Tejnesh Wegeneh Paralyzed in attempted rape Interview


   Abebe Teka exclusive interview with Tadias Addis


   Artist Neway Debebe interview on Winta Show


   Satirist Semere Interview with Seifu Fantahun Show


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