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   Seifu Fantahun Show - Exclusive Interview with Mo Farah, British Athlete


   Jossy in Z House - Interview with Assistant Inspector Assefa Mezgebu


   Comedian Betty Wanos Funny Interview on Sheger FM


   Artist Fekre Addis interview with - Sheger Radio


   Unique employers interview in india by Alemneh Wassie


   Artist Abinet AGonafir Love Story - Interview


   Seifu Fantahun show interview with Ref Bamlak Tesema and Taitu Hotel Waitress


   Artist Roman Befekadu Interview on Jossy in the house show


   Interview with Artist Rahel Yohannes - FM 97 radiodio


   Funny Interview with Artist Desalegn Hailu - Chewata TV


   Artist Teddy Afro talks about his life - Sheger Fm Interview


   Jossy in Z House Show - Interview with the legendary Alemayehu Fenta


   Aster Aweke Interview with Meaza Biru - Sheger Fm


   Artist Abebe balcha, Asnake of Sewlesew Interview on Seifu Fantahun Show


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